Local Support Group

Join me for monthly meetings in Hobart and get insight to solve the psychological challenges met by expatriates and their families.

The meeting takes place in Hotel Soho, Hobart every last Thursday of the month (from 12h30 till 2 pm).

Some examples of the problems we’re addressing:

Problems met by the children (Third Culture Kids)

* Feeling different, apart
* Anxious about what to answer to the question “Where do you come from?”
* Feeling at ease everywhere but fitting in nowhere
* Sad to have ‘lost’ his/her friends, to not enjoy the same quality in the relationships … yet and to know that even when he/she goes back, nothing will ever be the same
* Grieving “home”
* Frustration to try everything but not finish anything : because the family has to leave, no relation goes beyond 2 to 3 years so why bothering making friends/doing activities/engaging in the community and investing in local contacts?
* Anxious to not follow academically at school when returning in the home country
* Worried about not being able to speak/write the mother tongue properly

Typical problems met by the accompanying spouse

* Disconnection because of language fluency, cultural differences, lack of contacts while the partner is working all day long or even worse, travelling abroad (our meeting will be a good opportunity to socialize and network ;))
* Sad / anxious to have lost all references
* What about financial dependence?
* How to rebuild your identity when you left everything to follow your partner
* What about career plans?
* Feeling guilty not being able to help your (sick?) parents in the home country

The list is not complete!

Come and bring your friends. I’m looking forward to meeting you and building a warm, supportive and smart community.

More questions? Contact me.