The Two Most Important Questions Every Expat Must Face

An Interview with Nicolas Vadot

Are you wondering who Nicolas Vadot is and how his experience might relate to yours as an expatriate?

Bear with me for a second.

Nicolas Vadot is a bilingual political cartoonist.

Even after graduating from an art school in Brussels, getting his first cartoon published was not easy. For 6 months, he brought 10 drawings to a renowned Belgian magazine every week.
Without being paid. Without being published.
“I was working for them but they hadn’t figured it out yet”, he recalls.
After 9 months, they hired him. It was 19 years ago and he’s still drawing for them.

“Perseverance is at least as important as talent” according to Nicolas.

This gives you a flavor for his personality.

Nicolas is not only perseverant and talented, he’s an ATCK.

In this video, you’ll learn

1. How somebody can be a foreigner both in his own country and in his own family
2. The most difficult question for a TCK or ATCK beside “Where do you come from?”
3. The big advantage of growing up multiculturally
4. How an ATCK helps his own Third Culture Kids to build their identity

If you want to see the video on a full screen, just click here.

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More information on Nicolas’ work can be found on his website.

You can download here a digital version in English of his latest graphic novel “Maybe This Tuesday” for less than 6 dollars (and this is not an affiliate link!).

PS: I want to thank Jonathan Goldberg, the brilliant chief editor of the excellent blog “Le mot juste en anglais” who introduced me to Nicolas. He made all this possible!


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