Expats – The true story of building a portable social network (and why it matters)

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Expats: Loneliness Can Make You Sick (And What To Do About It)

Mary was perfectly healthy. Then she got nasal drops containing a cold virus and was locked up in quarantine for five days. Mary was one of the 276 healthy volunteers in “The Common Cold Study”. … [Read more...]

Expat: You May Be an Orphan Spouse (and Not Even Know It)

Orphan spouse* is what happens when you’re in a relationship... but live separate lives. I hear you saying: "Why would you do that?" Generally because of your work, your partner’s work or … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why You Need to Talk to Other Expats

When I left France to live abroad, I did not know anything about culture shock, expatriate grief and third culture kids. But I had a clear idea in mind: I would immerse myself in the local culture, … [Read more...]

2 Simple Tricks for Dealing with that Suffocating Sense of Expatriate Disconnection

Disconnection is not an acute feeling, like physical pain or stage fright. It’s something that builds up insidiously, slyly infiltrating your soul. Just imagine, having a droplet of water … [Read more...]