Emotional Abuse – Why Expat Couples Are At Risk

She comes back home, tired but thrilled. Her Vuitton bag, her manicured nails, her Chanel tailleur… She feels so attractive. In the elevator bringing her home to the 27th floor, a luxurious … [Read more...]

Why Your Expat Relationship Is Out of Balance (and How to Save It Before It’s Too Late)

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Male Trailing Spouses: An Inconvenient Truth

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An Expat Story You’ll Never Forget

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Expat Women: 3 Simple But Essential Tips To Keep Your Marriage

*Expat Women: I’ve considered in this article that expat men are the bread earners and expat women the accompanying spouses. I’m aware that it’s a stereotype and that each family is unique. I wouldn’t … [Read more...]

Expat Men: 3 Simple but Essential Tips To Keep Your Marriage

When relocating abroad, we automatically think of cross-cultural training and language courses. Those are fine and necessary. But far from home, stressed by all the changes, who are you first … [Read more...]