Expatriate Connection – A Unique Reflection On 2013

As 2013 draws to a close, let me take you on a journey: the story of an expat family through all the articles published on the blog this year.  All characters appearing in this work are not … [Read more...]

Orphan Spouse: How to Best Cope With Ambiguous Loss?

You’re an orphan spouse when you’re in a relationship but don’t live permanently with your partner under the same roof. Short term assignments, necessity or willingness to pursue dual careers, fly in … [Read more...]

Expat: You May Be an Orphan Spouse (and Not Even Know It)

Orphan spouse* is what happens when you’re in a relationship... but live separate lives. I hear you saying: "Why would you do that?" Generally because of your work, your partner’s work or … [Read more...]

Expat Women: 3 Simple But Essential Tips To Keep Your Marriage

*Expat Women: I’ve considered in this article that expat men are the bread earners and expat women the accompanying spouses. I’m aware that it’s a stereotype and that each family is unique. I wouldn’t … [Read more...]

Expat Men: 3 Simple but Essential Tips To Keep Your Marriage

When relocating abroad, we automatically think of cross-cultural training and language courses. Those are fine and necessary. But far from home, stressed by all the changes, who are you first … [Read more...]

How A Simple Belief Can Destroy Your Expatriate Life… or Help You Thrive

“This language is too difficult. I’m too old. I can’t learn it anymore. I tried for 6 months already and I hardly see any progress. I’m not gifted in languages anyway. I studied French in high … [Read more...]

Expatriates: the Invisible Force Ruling Your Marriage (and All Your Relationships)

You may not have thought about it this way, but you make "psychological contracts" in your head all the time. I bet you even know what I mean by psychological contract before I explain it … [Read more...]

Expatriate Employee: How To Screw Up Your Marriage

As an expat employee, there are many ways to mess up your marriage. For your convenience, I've gathered the best ones here. Keep doing these and it's guaranteed: your relationship will be on … [Read more...]