4 Myths Your Child Believes About Going Back ‘Home’ for University (And Why You Should Know About Them)

This article is the result of an interview with Tina Quick whose experience and knowledge of the TCK’s transition to college have been invaluable. Tina is the author of The Global Nomad’s Guide to … [Read more...]

Empty Nest Syndrome –  3 Essential Tasks For The Expat Mum

Lauren is shaken. To the core.   A big part of what she has lived for over the last 10 years -- the years she’s been a full time stay at home mum -- is slipping away. Her daughter Maddy left … [Read more...]

Empty Nest Syndrome – Questions That Keep An Expat Mum Awake At Night

  Maddy knew it since grade 8: when it comes to university, she’ll go ‘back home’.  And ‘home’ is where she comes from, where her parents were born, where her extended family is, where … [Read more...]