2014 – A Year in Expatland

End of last year, I took you on a journey: the story of an expat family through a compilation of all the articles published on the blog. The suspense was at its peak: we left this family in … [Read more...]

Difficult Expat Conversations – The One Thing You Can’t Avoid To Create A Peaceful Holiday For Everyone (Part II)

Sally’s in a tricky situation.  For the last few weeks, her parents have been chasing and pressuring her: “When are you -- and the kids -- coming back for Christmas?” Sally is agonizing. She’s … [Read more...]

Difficult Expat Conversations – How to Create a Peaceful Holiday for Everyone Without Stressing Out (Part I)

Dring… The phone is ringing.  “Hello darling, how are you?” Sally bites her lips. “Oh mum, I’m well thank you. And you?” “I was wondering when you’re coming for Christmas?” That was … [Read more...]

Giving And Receiving Gifts – The Secret Rules For Expats

Ever wondered what to bring when invited for the first time to a local family in your new host country? Do you remember this awkward feeling - a mix of joy and constraint - when receiving a … [Read more...]

Expatriates: Who Can You Rely On When Your Parents Get Sick?

Christmas Eve 2010. 6 pm, France. My parents, my brother and his wife were preparing the dinner looking forward to a tasty meal. All of a sudden, my mother felt an excruciating abdominal … [Read more...]

Expats, Not Home for Christmas? 7 Ways to Feel Closer to Your Family

“So you’re not coming back home for Christmas, are you? Oh, we’ll miss you so much. The house will be empty. It’s so sad. I was hoping you could make it. I was so looking forward to seeing the … [Read more...]