Support Group For Overseas Healthcare Professionals

You take care of your patients.

But who is taking care of you?


Expat Doctor


You chose to leave your home country and you’re grateful for the new opportunities found in Australia but you miss speaking your language, eating your favorite dish, celebrating birthdays with your family.


Frustrated by having to prove yourself anew because your qualifications aren’t fully recognized.


When patients refuse you to treat them because of your cultural background


Worried for the emotional well-being of your partner and your children after leaving your home country?
Concerned about your ageing parents back ’home’?

Don’t remain isolated any longer. Support yourself to better support others.

Join a unique peer support group and a safe environment.
Independently run. Maximum Confidentiality.

Commitment: 3 months – twice a month 60 min

Price $ 75 / month

For more information, contact me at or call 0447 581 750