Peer Support Group For Accompanying Partners

"Unpack Your Bags"

6 People. 4 Weeks.

Beat Loneliness and Make Friends For Life.


You moved abroad to support your family but after the dust settled, you feel stuck.

Lonely. Helpless. Desperate.

Many questions race through your mind: orphan spouse

1. What am I going to do with my life? Is this the end of my professional career?

2. I don’t understand why I’m so sad. I’m terribly homesick. I can’t help thinking of what I left behind. It’s awful.

3. What if I made a terrible mistake? What if I ruined my kids’childhood?


You have worries but no one to talk to.

Your partner is too busy.

Your children are too fragile.

Your family is too emotional.

Your friends are too excited by your adventure.

In this new country, making new connections is not easy. There is the language barrier and the privacy issue.

You have the blues. You’re afraid of drifting. You’re struggling to find a purpose.


You need help.

You need human connection. With people who care.


People who know what you’re feeling. Because they’re feeling the same.

This is why I’m launching this program.

It’s called “Unpack your bags”.

If you’re anything like me, you probably did some of the same things I did after I moved abroad.

You know how it goes: amongst all the boxes, your trained eye scans for the ones containing cooking gear, daily clothes and toilet accessories. You take care of them first.

Life must go on. The rest can wait…

No doubt you had bags that remained unpacked for a while (we all do it, right?). And the longer you leave them unpacked, the harder it is to unpack them.

Funny how it works that way.

Well, “unpacked bags” is also a metaphor for what’s happening in your expat life: you have unresolved and unknown issues that bother you and stress you out.

And until you “unpack” those bags, things will only get worse. So what can you do?


Join a peer support group with like-minded expatriates.

A 4 week program where the important part is not the information and the teaching BUT YOUR story

group friends

A 4 week program where you’re not alone.

A 4 week program where we’re supporting each other.

A 4 week program to gain clarity and help you unpack your bag(s).

Don’t wait.

Make new friends now. For life.


What do you get for this program?

If you sign up for this program, you’ll get:

* An introductory meeting with me – 15 to 20 minutes to get to know each other

* 4 hours of real conversation where the group meets in a video call

I don’t pretend you’ll have the solution to all your problems. But what I can assure you is that you’ll gain clarity in a safe environment.

And you’ll be able to get a new start.


What previous participants said

‘Before I started the group, I was feeling a bit pessimistic about my second tour in South America. After the group, I feel empowered. Exploring the tensions in a small group setting with other expats, I’ve gained a better understanding of this unique experience as a “trailing spouse.”  It was comforting to know that I am not alone in these hard moments where old and new identities intersect. Anne was a very thoughtful facilitator. As a seasoned expat herself, she has a warm and bright manner, which made me feel quite at ease while exploring thought provoking themes.’


‘Thank you for this experience. It came at a time when I really needed other people to talk to who were experiencing the same feelings. Before I began this course, I had conflicting feelings about our move to London, England. On the one hand, I felt so privileged and exhilarated by the whole idea. On the other hand, I felt lonely and unhappy. I would cycle through these feelings from week-to-week, day-to-day and, sometimes, hour-to-hour. About halfway through the sessions, I started to look forward to Mondays and meeting with the group. It allowed me to hear other expats talk about their journeys and share their thoughts about being in a new country and all that comes with that. This was such a relief because, although I had good friends at home that I would regularly FaceTime and new friends to meet up with in the local area, I felt truly understood by the expat group without judgement. I could say exactly how I felt and not feel like I was weak, complaining or ungrateful.’


‘Unpack Your Bags came at a time when I was feeling very low and rudderless. I love my expat life but my recent challenges with grief were overwhelming me. When I began in the group I was unsure what to expect but Anne’s gentle manner and openness coupled with some very thoughtful rules created an inclusive environment. I felt heard, unjudged, understood and much of this came through permission to listen and witness.

Now, a few days after our last meeting, I have a sense of connection and direction. I am happier and more grounded, I am sleeping better and I feel I am coming back to myself. My family and friends are so supportive and loving but I got lost in the mire of grief.

I am grateful to my group and I thank Anne for following her heart and for inviting me along.’



How much does it cost?

The fee is 100 Australian Dollars (around 79 US dollars or 64 Euros at the time of this writing – in Feb 2018).

Payment is done at the end of our 4 sessions.


We’re starting a new group when we have enough members.

We’d love to have you.