Expatriate Connection: Best of 2012

“Study the past if you would define the future.” ― Confucius     Click to tweet

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How do you do to shape a better future for yourself and your family: study the past or invest in crystal gazing?

From all the articles dealing with problems affecting expatriates in 2012, here is what you cared more about, this past year.

1. Bilingualism: how it affects us and especially our children.

Busted: 10 Myths About Raising Bilingual Children

Bilingualism: 3 questions to expert François Grosjean

Both articles have been shared extensively on Facebook (resp. 74 and 42 “like”) and LinkedIn (resp. 19 and 12 “share”).

2. Parenting: how we can raise resilient and confident children abroad

Why You Shouldn’t Put Your Children First

This article was potentially controversial but has been very well received. Look at the comment.

3. Family Relationships

The 10 Relatives You Dread to See When Going Back Home For Christmas

This one generated a peak in traffic the day it was released (79 views) and the audio file was downloaded 21 times (my record so far).
Surprisingly, it did not go viral on social media. But it’s because we’re all connected to our parents, siblings, cousins and other in-laws… isn’t it?

According to some private feedback, I know that it generated some good laughs though.

 4. The series

According to my younger son: “You can’t change the past, you can only affect the future!”

(I’d love to say that he picked it up from a renown author but I have to admit that it’s only coming from the Ninjago series.)

Nevertheless here are some useful articles (I think!) to help you shape a better future.


Series 1: How to be stronger in front of adversity

a. The One Skill Which Will Make All the Difference When You Live Abroad

b. How Resilient Are You? Take the Quiz!

c. Thrive not sink when living abroad: what to pay attention to!

d. The 3 Keys to Resilience

e. Why You Shouldn’t Put Your Children First

f. 5 Highly Effective Tips for Raising Resilient Children Overseas


Series 2: how to face natural disaster as an expatriate.

a. Facing Natural Disaster As an Expat: Lessons Learnt From the Eye of the Storm

b. Before Natural Disaster Strikes: a Checklist For Your Relatives Back in the Home Country

c. 3 Tips to Help Your Family Cope After a Disaster When You Live Abroad


What are you looking forward in 2013? What would you like to learn more about?


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